What does it mean to be a General Members?

General membership consists first and foremost of being like minded to the councils vision of spreading the Gospel and uniting the body of Christ. Being supportive of CCA sponsored events throughout the year by your prayers, presence, talents, and ideas are an important part of being a general member. For those who are able, physical labor is always welcome. Financially we ask for a $15 annual membership fee to help with the cost of keeping the membership informed of upcoming events. Any additional financial support is always a blessing as all of our events are free to the public but they are not free to bring into being.

FYI: Board meetings are open to any one who is a general member and we welcome your attendance and ideas.

Would you like to help our council bring quality Christian talent to Eastern Connecticut? Our goal is to edify Christ and the Christian body and to provide an additional tool for Christian outreach.
You can also be part of this!

Benefits Include:
* Support the unity of the body of Christ.
* Support outreach to the unsaved.
* Support bringing Christian music and Arts to the Windham area.
* Receive announcements of upcoming events
* Be part of touching people's lives

Membership is only $15 per year

Send an e-mail to membership@ccawindhamcounty.org


Mail your name, address and e-mail address to:

Council for Christian Arts
c/o Carolyn Newcombe
648 Storrs Road
Storrs - Mansfield, CT 06268

Membership will start as soon as the check is received.

Make checks payable to Council for Christian Arts.

Additional support is welcome.